DIY bench power supply


2007-06-07 8:30 pm
I recently got 2 of these puppies from another member in unused condition.

Apparently they are 24V 6A rated SMPS from Meanwell.

They look really good quality with Rubycon caps, good protection etc. so it looks the business.

I would like to build a bench power supply with those.

I am looking for adjustable voltage up to +/- 20v @ 5a max.

Any good schematics out there?


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You wont be able to lose 24V @ 5A through a single LT108X.

You will need to spread the heat loss through several pass transistors, or parallelled regulator IC. For the later there is a lot on the net. Might even be some examples for the LT108X ICs. They are expensive though...

For the former, look for schematics aswell. Most powers upply schematics deal with rectified AC input and a large cap, you have a good DC voltage (albeit with some HF ripple and noise)

Prasimix has a huge thread about his 50V 3A adjustable supply. there is a good layout for the regulator part.


2005-05-15 9:51 am
It's nice but a bit too complicated for me.

I think I will do a pair of bipolar channels with direct output from the SMPS up to 5A, and then add a couple of adjustable bipolar channels up to 1A.
good projects for learning electronics AND useful for bench testing other stuff later.

just a note for ya > the 2 resistor string R1, P1 controls the voltage, so the actual connection should be near the panel jacks (use smaller wires) for precise control at higher current draws.
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