[diy] Another USB to multichannel I2S with I2C ?

I was wondering if anyone is interested in a device that can do this:
Async. USB to
- 8 channel i2s 24bit/192khz
- i2c master

The i2c is accessible using API calls.
This i2c future is lacking on all of the USB-I2S boards I have seen so far.
The idea: building a circuit based on the XMOS L2 IC.
Using the XMOS IC will drastically decrease engineering time as the software is open source, and needs only minor modification.
I was thinking about a stackable board; like the Arduino.
Using this method we can keep the base board simple and affordable, and you can choose your own crystal for the master clock, or add optical interfaces etc. etc. .

q: Why not build it yourself?
a: XMOS requests a MQT for getting a license for the software (Thesycon USB Audio Class 2.0).
Because I have build a digital plate amp, i'm going to build this device any way.
Here is my design, it is going to be a 4 layer FR4 (complex) impedance controlled PCB.

Here is my plate amp : Plate amp :)

The HDMI connectors are stacked (top and bottom mount).


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