DIY amp with Primare a33.2 casing and transformers

Peeps. I had a dead amp board of Primare A33.2 which I failed to troubleshoot and fix. So I would like to use the parts to build a Class A or Class AB amp. It’s a dual monorail so have two transformers. The secondary windings are 44.6v 56v 0 44.6v 56v. I don’t have any VA rating written on it. It’s a 125w amp and I see 10000uf 63v caps of 8 in total. Am thinking to reuse the transformers, power caps, heat sinks and casing. What would you suggest to do. Honeybadger, Pass F6 or another ? I already saw for naim nap 250 clone this is way over and won’t work. Pic of tranny attached


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I'm lucky to have EXACTLY 120V - here in this part of NY. But , I've had anywhere between 114 and 123 in the dozen places I lived in.
Tenn. was 123 , Catskill's NY was 115. Catskill voltage went from 117 to 121 , depending on time.
Tennessee blew out incandescent bulbs in a week.
USA infrastructure is shoddy in the Ghetto.
Yes , Long life 130V (premium) were the only ones that would last. Some of them lasted longer than the China LED bulbs with cheap SMPS's.
I've felt so many dollar store LED bulbs with hot bases. Not the LED , but the driver circuit. They do this for "planned obsolescence".
At least my amps don't mind faulty ac. I have bought (and can design) Much better SMPS's.
BTW - "catskill" standard incandescent's would last years at 114-117V. What a difference a few volts make.