DIY $100 dac worth it?


2008-05-26 5:58 pm
I'm searching for a 24 bit dac with reasonable performance. I want to spend $100 on a diy solution. I like the gamma1 because it has optical but USB is fine. One of the things I noticed I noticed about both the gamma1 and gamma2 were that they were comparable in performance to devices that cost the same as the parts for DIY in reviews.
The designer of these products claims that the gamma2 will sound as good as $1000 commercial product. I hesitate to believe him with multiple sobering reviews floating around.
At this price point may I just as well buy something off the shelf?
Like I said USB is fine for now, but I do have my eyes peeled for a coax solution for a future project.
What's a good project with a good price performance ratio? Are my assumptions about the gamma DACs misguided?