diy 03 ways, hifi, close speakers

hi guys , im looking for , models brands constructions , hifi woofer , from 10'' TO 15'', low fs , for diy , close speakers , hifi quality sound
-max , rms power , could be 150 W ,- fs could be as low as possible , -4 to 8 ohms impedance , -qts for close charging case , may 0.6
thanks for any help suggestions , brands , good quality produce
sorry about my english not famous
adding this woofer to existing , cabasse O2ways , antigua 220 model , rebuilding the speakers , from 02 ways , to 03 ways
may be changing or adding the crossover surely

If I understood correctly, you have Cabasse Antigua MT220 speakers... And you want to convert them to 3-way closed-box system?

I found this link with some basic data

I would try to keep the original crossover and just add another at 400-500Hz to cross with additional woofer. Simple 1st order should work fine.
Then, existing midbass driver can than go into small 5-6 liter closed chamber.

For woofer recommendations, can you tell us price limit, maximum volume of the box, and how low F3 you expect.
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