Distributor for filter capacitor?


2001-12-27 6:03 pm
Hi All,

I am working on my Aleph 4 project and now looking for your advice on the large filter capacitors used with the power transformers.
Could you guys recommend some high quality capacitors and the online distributors with resonable prices?

Is it a good idea/worthwhile to go for a larger capacitors than those in scheme?

I've got Mallory caps on my Aleph 2s, but Sprague, Panasonic, whatever will work as well. Digikey, Mouser, and all the other usual online suspects will carry a selection of computer grade caps.
If you want to go with the high-falutin' stuff, people seem to indicate that Black Gate is of interest. I can't say from personal experience, as I haven't played cap-wars in quite some time.
In a general sort of way, more capacitance is better, but you'll get into a diminishing returns situation after a while. A more cost effective way to improve things is to go to a PI filter--putting an inductor (a low value, high wattage resistor will do in a pinch) between two banks of caps. I tend to favor having the bulk of the capacitance after the inductor. I believe Nelson recently said that he likes to split the capacitance 50/50 before and after the inductor. Others will have their own views, I'm sure. There's plenty of latitude, so play with it and see what you think.