Distortion in Sunfire Amplifier


2010-11-07 3:53 pm
I have Acoustics Research AR-1 tower speakers with built in Bob Carver 500 watt Sunfire amplifier powering 15 inch subwoofers. Have developed a gargling sound in one subwoofer in low frequencies above low volume. Switched speaker cables to verify problem in speaker and not in main amp. Turned off Sunfire Subwoofer amp (there's a switch on back of speaker) and no distortion. The Subwoofer amp works without distortion on low volumes but starts gargling distortion at higher volumes. Any suggestions welcomed.


2006-12-28 12:19 am
could have a problem with the subwoofer itself, but try checking the wires between the sub amp and the speaker itself. if spade lugs are used to connect to the speaker, i've seen spade lugs get loose. when at low volume, there's no problem, but at higher volumes the spade lugs begin vibrating and losing their connection. or it could be the surround wires on the woofer itself are frayed, usually happens right at the spade lugs. or the sub amp could be getting overdriven at the input. other than those possibilities, i would think the sub amp itself has a problem. one big problem in sub amps is dried out electrolytic caps, because the amp is in a small box with little airflow. sub amps also get a lot of vibration, so the problem could be a broken component lead or solder connection.