Distorted sound from newly built sub

I’ve finished building my first 2 subwoofers earlier this week.

While setting everything up I’ve made a (dumb) mistake. I forgot to plug the power supply into the amp. I realized this after turning everything on, and then (stupidly) went on by just plugging it in.

This was followed by a “zap” sound coming from the DC jack of the amp. According to google, that might’ve been a power surge..

Now one of the subs is producing distorted sound. Everything else (the other sub, both channels
of the amp and the power supply) seems unharmed.

Now to my question: Given the information, how likely do you think it is that “zap” killed one of the subs, but not anything else? I don’t know if it worked before the incident, as this was the first time powering them on..

I’ve measured the resistance of both subs, and they are within .1 ohm of each other, 4.5 and 4.6. Reference of the speaker is 4 ohms. So I don’t think the voice coil is completely fried…

Thanks in advance

PSU: 48V 7A (https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hifi...-supply-100-240v-ac-to-48v-7a-dc-p-14749.html)
Speakers: Dayton RSS210HF-4
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