Discussion split from - Anyone making Apogee bass panels..

Every time Graz shows up in a thread he just makes it worse. :)

I'm very glad to see there are some affordable repair options showing up for Apogee speakers. I'm sure there are many Apogee owners out there that might now be inclined to repair their speakers vice letting them rot away and show up in refuse bin.

Hi Davey,
We haven’t “spoken” before, but I came across an old post of yours last night from 2006 on the apogeeacoustics.com archived forum regarding highly regarded external crossovers you made for a Full Range owner. My Duetta II Signatures are finally going in for a full refresh by Bill Thalmann in early May (been waiting on his docket for over a year). I’m really torn between replacing the caps and inductors in the existing internal crossovers versus getting totally new external crossovers. I’m of course a bit weary of affecting the sound I’m so addicted to since they were bought around ‘88, but I know caps and inductors have improved dramatically since the day of the stock Spragues. I know at least at the time of your old post that you owned a pair of the Duetta Signatures. Have you by chance designed external crossovers for them that would be available for purchase? I’ll never part with these speakers and am looking at all options to get the best out of them. I feel like I’m in good shape with my BAT VK-600 with bat pack and VK-5i tube preamp, MHDT Orchid DAC, etc. with the original Symo speaker cables Jason Bloom recommended to my dad for good reason. The only piece left is the upcoming restoration. Figured it is well worth it to seek your input. Thanks in advance!