Discrete voltage regulators.

Well, I was thinking of using discrete voltage regulators to regulate the psu for both my pre-amp and power-amp, but was wondering, for the preamp, would I be better off with a discrete voltage regulator circuit or an IC by national or the likes? And for the power-amp, would an IC coupled with transistors to increase it's current output be better then a purely discrete voltage regulation circuit?

I'm betting I'd be better off either way with the solely discrete setup. But I was looking around for circuits, but I really haven't found any that suit my needs, I need +/- 24V for my preamp and +/- 28V for my poweramp, I can find lots of ideas on using opamps with transistors for +/-15V, but nothing with solely BJTs (which is what I'd rather). I can make one up using zeners and BJTs, but I'm looking for a circuit that's really no-compromise, doesn't matter if it's overkill (in fact that's what I'm looking for).