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For Sale Discrete R-2R DAC hat for Raspberry Pi V2.42

Things you have for sale.
For Sale:

Discrete R-2R DAC Hat for Raspberry Pi ( Version V2.42 )

Up to 24bit 384K, non over sampling .
Support Pi 2,3,4, and 5
Distortion 0.004% ~0.005%
Price: USD196.00

The difference between this V2.42 ad older V2.4 :
V2.42 using larger FPGA and most of the job has been done in the FPGA.
No MSB adjustment preset required.
The PCB size is the same as Raspberry Pi, so that I can install \ modified a raspberry pi tower case
Support Pi 5

Shipping via FedEx Priority International, to USA = USD34.00 , Canada = USD32, Most of Europe countries = USD35.00

Please PM if you are interested, Thank you.

** Edit 18 June: 8 pcs has been sold, 2 pcs still available **


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I can vouch for this R2r board! It’s great. I had the other board mentioned above and couldn’t warm up to it. The inverting output character caused a real mixed up soundstage.

Used with raspberry pi 3+ Volumio, and the battery supply from iancanada. Makes for a fantastic setup that doesn’t break the bank.