Directed 350D

Sorry i know ive been told a 1,000 times about pics..

Just have alot going on right now..

Heres a few pics of the board ..

I know D205 is out of the boar right now for testing alo gonna replace the cap thats melted from someone else's attempted repair..

D205 is testing good and i also replaced it still get no voltage on pin 4 of the opamps


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Got this amp back ..

The guy said when a song hits a low bass note the fuse on the amp
Will blow and after the amp has been playing awhile
It will lose output 1 min it will be loud and the next the output is cut in half ..

Any ideas what might cause this ?

I'm just trying to get a few of these finished up so I can take a break from repairs for lil bit and work on my house remodeling it