Dipoles ?

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The Dayton RS12 are much closer to Peerless XLS or Visaton TIW from their specs than to classic OB drivers. These two have about 2-3 times the excursion, but maybe the conceps without baffle will equally work (low sensitivity, active crossover).

I asked Tymphany about dipoles some months ago. They say the LAT will also work without baffle (and with low excursion). But here the large moving mass limits sensitivity.
Because of Qts "fight" - I dunno if anyone is still interested in my "Orion for miser" project, but I decided [finally!] what speakers I'm gonna use:
- Seas 27TBFC/G [H1212]
- Seas L22RNX/P [H1252]
- 2xPeerless SLS 12

Lenny, those are excellent choices for an "Oriomiser". Like every loudspeaker system , it is now up to the builder to get the implementation of those drive units: cabinet, crossover,etc. - correctly, to make the design a successful one.
Good luck.


tade said:
I am considering putting my dayton rs 12" subs in either u baffles or really nice sealed boxes.

Can you give me some info as to how to think about u baffles? Things like power and frequency response. Maybe a website or something? I am having trouble finding info.

Hello Tade!

This is what I would do with the Eminence (if I had the space):
Height above the driver min. 105, everything in centimeters.

If you mean the Vas 3ft^3 Qts 0.44 version you could try it.

Good luck!

Numbers in the graphics are not readable: 50, 70, 120


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el`Ol, thank you for the brain power!

What would happen if I omitted the front two wings? Would that put the cancellation null farther back and thus put the listener nearer field?

Anyway, I believe that the size constraints will win over bass goodness. I am looking at building a box 14" by 10" by 30". So, a little more compact! : )

I am getting pretty good at building sealed boxes but ill take any advice you can give me.
Hello Tade!

If you have the space for two such monsters you can calculate the effect of the conic horn at higher frequencies with Hornresp or others.

One off-topic question, since you are experienced with sealed encosures:
How important is it that a sealed enclosure is really sealed when high-Vas woofers are used (Peerless SLS 12 in my case)?

Regards, Oliver

I am simply skiddish of dipole because sometimes i like to crank the hiphop... I suppose i should design dipole and then add sub later, for parties and such. I did throw some amazingly cheap woofers in H baffles with tremendous success. I think I will try dipole bass just to see because the enclosure will be relitively easy to build. Maybe there is no difference? or less, especially when places close to the listener.

Oh yes, a conical horn would be sweet.
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