Dipole XT25

Hey all.

I read somewhere ages ago that the rear cup on the Vifa Xt-25 can be removed.

I cant for the life of me find the original thread and need some advice as the cups on mine seem to be glued on really well.

If anybody has tried this and has any advice it would be greatly appreciated along with any listening impressions.

Cheers all

I like the Vifa xt25 because it has response which goes well beyond 20khz. In my experiments with it, I found that distortion becomes a problem due to the small radiating area. This problem would be exacerbated if you removed the rear cup.

Not to say it's a bad tweeter; it's not. But if you're going to go dipole, you might consider using a steep crossover at an unusually high frequency. Basically a supertweeter.

If I were going to do a dipole tweeter, I'd start with the BG NEO3. While the polar response of the xt25 is better behaved, the NEO 3 has advantages in a dipole config due to it's much larger radiating area. (And this is also why the polar response suffers.)

As usual, it's a series of tradeoffs.

Take a look at some of my threads over on diymobileaudio for more details. I've used the Vifa XT25, along with a series of compression drivers. (which I prefer.)