Dipole Surrounds

I'm thinking of building a set of rear surrounds in a dipole configuration. For the driver I am thinking about a full range TangBand W4-1052SA. I would use 2 drivers per speaker and the front of the speaker would be at an angle (90 - 135 degrees or so) with one driver on each face.
To get the dipole effect I would just wire the speakers in series but out of phase correct? (+ to - then - to +)
They are 4 ohm drivers so wired in series I would get an amp-happy 8 ohms

I am not too sure of box size yet, but I would like to keep them smaller, around 12" total width, 10" high. I am thinking of 4 L per driver so depth would be somewhere around 9-11 inches or so.

Has anybody tried this? Would I be better off just building a regular speaker with a woofer and tweeter?