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Hi Gents

I have just finished restoring and cleaning this Grundig RT 40 tuner. I also have its matching SV 80 integrated s/s amplifier which I'm still busy working on. Both the tuner and the amp has din connecting sockets and I will have to make up din-ended cables for them.

In the meantime, I want to use the tuner with my Sansui AU 317 11 integrated which has RCA jacks.

So yesterday, I made up a DIN to RCA cable, using ordinary interconnect cable (Left/white and earth return and Right/red and earth return) and connected the male DIN connector at the other end as per the enclosed drawing.

Can you please let me know if the way I soldered the cable is correct? The two (left and right) earth returns are twisted together and soldered to DIN pin 2 and at the other end, the rca phono plugs are soldred in the usual way.

I'm asking as I have no sound at the right speaker.




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Hi George

Your kind offer is much appreciated:) I may well need all help I can get.

I bought the Grundig tuner RT 40 about a week ago, together with its matching integrated amplifier and both items were in an unbelievably sorry and dusty state. I usually will not purchase equipment in such a neglected state but I liked the tuner's 60's looks and would like to alternate the Grundig with my Leak Troughline 11 as it has more facilities.

After cleaning off the worst of the muck, I ran both the tuner and the integrated through a 100W lightbulb for about a day before starting to do some work.

The tuner needed a new power cord, dial cords were missing or broken and this has now been repaired, all illumination was dead and this was fixed with new lamps and all din sockets had been cleaned, together with all the externals such as the case and faceplate.

I at first suspected the SV 80 amplifier to be faulty but yesterday - when I had the SV 80 amplifier in a state I could test it, I could confirm for myself that the Grundig tuner has one channel not working. There are no hums at the non-functioning channel - just silence and this was why I enquired if I had the DIN connector wired correctly.

I will remove the tuner again from its case today and have another, more careful look to see if I can spot the obvious and if you can perhaps give me some ideas where to start looking for a channel non-functioning problem, I would appreciate your advice a lot.


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Hi bulgin

Sorry for the delay in my reply.
I came back home today and I found the schematics of this tuner. Source is the excellent
Antique Radios, 120 000 Antique Radios on display

You may have a look at the output circuit.
As it is shown, the out pins are 3,5,2 of the lefthand DIN socket.
What you will notice are the two moving contacts grounding the output signal. I have the impression that they are part of the DIN socket.

May be you have to take a look at this point



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Hello bulgin
I propose you to go to this address :


It is a very complete documentation (use, diagrams, etc)
It is written in French, but I think that it will help you.

Regards. Sorry for my poor english !

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël.

Hello Pierre

@ George

First, Please let me wish you all everything of the very best for 2011. Thank you too Pierre. The smaal matter of the Rt 40M's literature being in French will be overcome. This old Grundig tuner looks so nice now, I simply HAVE to get it playing on both channels.

For the last few days, it has been packed-away but sometime during the coming week, I will tackle the job once more and let you all know how I'm getting along.

Kindest regards to you both.

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