Digital to Analog Converter

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but anyway ..

My speakers in my tv do not work since the sound board went out so I am using my home receiver for sound ..

My problem is o went to direct tv and the box only has a digital output or a coax output ..

Anyone know of a way to make a converter to switch from analogue to digital so I can go from the digital output or coax from the box to Rca's for my home receiver ?

Or is it cheaper just to go buy one

ebay - Digital to Analog Audio Converter

TV/STB optical and coaxial outputs are fixed level.

ADC and more ....

Guys, how many have good (and/or expensive) DACs? To do an ADC correctly, the same sort of care and attention to detail are required. Yes there are $10 and $15 DACs out there, so it makes sense that there would be similarly priced ADCs as well. But what do you get in a $15 DAC (and by extension, a $15 ADC)? If the comment is going to be "yah, but it's only TV sound" then the point is missed.

If using a receiver with HDMI input, there are boxes that basically are passive adapter boxes leaving the signal completely alone. What kind of digital out is on the DirectTV box? 75Ω RCA digital? Toslink? HDMI?

Check out monoprice for many of these converter boxes. Some are active (most) and some are passive. Or in the spirit of DIY, buy a HDMI cable and plug (if S/PDIF digital output from the DirectTV box). Else you will end up buying one of the active boxes, if needing Toslink to your receiver...

If your receiver requires good old analog inputs, then a digital to analog converter is required. There are several "kits" out there, or very good commercial designs. A friend has made quite a nice DAC, but it cost him around CAD $300. Wolfson DAC, several inputs, regulated power supply on-board...and remember you need respectable performing cables as well (not expensive, but respectable...).
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