digital amp/receiver recommendation


i would like to buy a high quality audio sounding digital amplifier to play music at my business, or a digital receiver like the panasonic SA-XR57K, which has been discontinued.

would the forum members here recommend an equivalent or better than the pana SA-XR57K? it can be a digital amp too, so i can connect my Zune directly to it.

the amp or receiver will drive 4 tang band 1611sa full range speakers.

thank you for your help
The Panasonic is nice, I use an XR-55 at home. There are some impedance issues to pay attention, but otherwise, if you are using a digital transport, it is hard to argue with the sound, especially at such a low price (I paid ~$200, IIRC).

Alas, I'm in the same boat as you...I'd like to find another to use at the office, but it is hard to find an XR-55 or XR-57 today. And there don't seem to be any reasonably priced competitors...other Equibit amps/power dacs are far more expensive.

It would be really great to pair a Squeezebox or computer transport to an Equibit receiver for a great minimalist system with all the conveniences of digital library management.