Difficult Component/Amplifier Wiring Puzzle


2013-05-23 3:47 pm
Hello, I am about to do a very large build and needed some help with wiring components to my 4 channel amp. I will need expert advice.

My available equipment includes:

Deck: Pioneer DEH 80PRS
3 sets of RCA outs, Left/Right Channel equalization, can be ran active or passive.
4 Channel Amp: (nameless)
1 ohm stable stereo mode, assume enough power for any wiring config
Tweets: 5 sets (10 tweets) with optional 4 ohm passive crossovers
6.5s: 3 sets (6 speakers)
8s:2 sets (4 speakers)
Car: Pontiac Grand Am-Sedan
4 doors with small door panels. Rear deck tray will be sealed off from cabin, so speakers will not be able to run free air (correct me if I'm wrong)

I have thought for many hours about how to wire all speakers on the 4 channel while still keeping my Left/Right and Front/Rear channel separation. I would like to run my head unit in active mode for the best equalization possible. However, I believe my only option is to run the passive crossovers. I want to have the best sound stage possible. I can and will fabricate any fiberglass panels necessary.

My plan is to put 3 6.5s and 1 tweet in each front door and 2 tweets in each A-Pillars. I will run a passive crossover between the tweets and 6.5s. The 3 sets will be wired together on the front channels of the amp (each channel will run 3 6.5s and 3 tweets with the passive crossover). For the rear, I want to have either 2 8s in each rear door or run all four on the rear deck. I do not want any tweets in the rear.

Please let me know if you have any other wiring suggestions for the optimal setup. Thanks for your help
Welcome to the forum Kalen. Dare I ask why you wish to use so many speakers? You say you want to retain Left/Right and Front/Rear channel separation. Is it then your intention to run the 8s on the rear channels? That is, not using the sub out set of RCAs from the Pioneer? Using the four channels of the amp for the four channels: front and rear, right and left?


2013-05-23 3:47 pm
Sorry I have taken so long to reply. But my reasoning for the amount of speakers is because I will have upwards of 150db from subs alone. I would like to be able to hear my speakers over the bass. But yes you are correct that I would like to use the four channels of the amp for the four channels. After thinking about it more, I realize that I must add a second 4 channel amp to run completely active. But for the time being, I was just hoping that somebody could offer me ideas for what to do until I get my second 4 channel.