Differential voltage vs single rail? I have no idea.


2016-07-01 2:58 pm
I'm looking for a 300W power supply to power my Sure class D amp (AA-AB35281).
Connex has the SMPS300RS and the SMPS300RE, one is differential and the other "single rail".

I have no idea what this means / how it applies to my setup, so I don't know which one to choose.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?
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If your amp DC power input screw strip has "+" and "-" it is single ended. If it has "+", "-" and a downward pointing arrow in between, it needs a split supply, which could be called "differential", if you didn't speak english.
BTW connex sells different voltages of power supply in each wattage range. You had better be very sure of the voltages your amp board requires before you purchase a supply. If the amp requires +-50 v or something, that is a split supply. That reads as "plus and minus fifty volts".
If your vendor didn't tell you what voltages your board requires, find a better vendor.