Did someone else than me noticed the sudden jump into high-end made by Adire Audio?

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Did someone else than me noticed the sudden jump into high-end made by Adire Audio?

10 inches lineup start at 160$.
12 inches lineup start at 180$.
15 inches lineup start at 200$.
18 inches lineup start at 500$.

Lower power handling, higher Fs, lower Xmax, not even XBL^2...
(Except the 18 incher got the same power handling, higher Xmax and lower Fs, still not using XBL^2 anyway)

I'm a bit disappointed, the only good thing is lower Vas for these 4 woofers compared to the 4 they are replacing.

They got a new monster too, a 18 inches Tumult with 33 mm Xmax, but at 750$ I can't afford it right now! :D
I have to say I am a bit dissapointed by the new Tumults. Only 1000watts power handling and a hair less excursion. Not to mention a $200 increase in price from the original tumult to what seems to be its eqivilant, the tumult15d2.

And where did all the pictures go on the adire website?

I'm not in the market for any subs right now, but if I were I'd probably go with Ascendant's Avalanche 18.
I think the price changes are a reflection of Adire's switch to a dealer driven sales model vs. an internet direct model. Using dealers they have to raise the MSRP to make the same profit on a driver after the dealers take their cut. But also Adire can't undercut their dealers by selling the drivers cheaper direct on the internet. Who knows if at the end Adire is actually making more per driver than before?
I'm sure no dealer will be asking those MSRPs for any of the new Adire drivers.

I'm also sure that Adire decided to go very conservative with PMax numbers because of what seems to be an apparent problem of consumers who mistake thermal limit specs to mean required power, regardless of application.

The new 15" Tummy has a lower Fs, requires a larger box...basically the same FR for 2.5 cubes sealed L/T. Even at 50% off the new MSRP, the Avalanche 15 is the driver to buy...looks like.

I'm also suffering from anticappointment at the moment, I must admit.

Who's gonna be the first to bang one together and post results?

Dan, if you're reading this, send 2 out. Within 3 days I'll have single and dual sealed L/T graphs posted along with subjectives galore...for better or for worse. :cool:

JWFokker said:
So what's the new preferred budget 12" sub? I was PLANNING on getting a Shiva, but now that they've jacked up the price what else is there? I'd heard mention of a 12" Ascendant sub that was a good value but I'm not familiar with the brand.

I'm with you on this one. I too have been waiting, and was taken back a bit by the pricing. I'll have to see what the end result is through the Canadian distributor. The suggested pricing on their site is making me look at the Ascentant product as well...

Thats not what I'm inferring. What I'm inferring is that the new tumult isnt as beefy as the old one, and costs 200 dollars more. Now if the power went up to 2000watts and the excursion increased, i could see the increase in price, but with less power and excursion it doesnt make a whole lot of sense. I havent read anything that said they actually made an improvement upon the old version, just that they offer different sizes.
There's now not much alternatives in the 12" budget market.

Ascendant Audio only...

No one else is offering a 145$ driver with XBL^2 or similar technology for linear Xmax.

Price/performance champion of the moment I guess.

Even the new Shiva is not XBL^2, not even the new Tempest.
The AV-12 doesnt have a Faraday ring. It has a cast basket, aluminum cone, 23mm xmax, low vas and high powerhandling. Uses a short gap long coil motor. Does look to be a good space saver. Cant comment on sq vs Atlas dB for dB as Ive heard niether.

I know a linear BL, low inductance, high excursion design is in the offering.


Atlas 12
That's why I said the Atlas "should" be superior in SQ, because I didn't hear these two.

Atlas 12 got lower inductance and a linear BL curve versus AV12.

In practice, I don't know.

Also, I don't know when, but John will use some of the Llambda technology in his linear motor due this year. 43 mm of Xmax, linear BL curve, lower inductance than competitors, we'll need to see. I hope it will be soon, but John didn't update the status on his new motor design since a long time ago.
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