Dial window


2010-03-11 10:43 pm
I am refurbishing an old Hallicrafters S-20R receiver and the bandspread window is warped and cracked and discolored. I am looking for something I can run through my printer to print the legend so I can replace it.

It's made of celluloid, transparent but sort of yellowish with black printing. Is there printable celluloid available? This window is fairly thick for what it needs to do and I would like to find something of the same thickness, maybe more than 1/32 inch.


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I don't know if there is such a thing as printable celluloid or not- sounds like a reasonable approach though.

There used to be a product called Datak (brand) Dry Transfer lettering. Came in sheets, with lots of small letters and graphics mounted on sheets of transfer paper. Position the letter where you want it, burnish the other side of the transfer paper, and the letter is transferred from the paper to the celluloid. Just the thing, if it's still available.

Silk screen printing comes to mind, but it's a bit of a setup if you don't already have all the basic materials.

Make a rubber stamp?

Make a decal?

Make a mask and apply paint/ink with a rubber roller?

Visit your local art supply store and ask around?