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DH200 parts + extras

I have a DH200 I started modding 10 years ago and never finished. It has an operational P/S with a Banner Magnetics dual secondary tranny made specifically for this amp. 4x10,000uf caps, Hexfred bridges, Kimber wiring and RCAs, Cardas posts... I actually put alot into this back in the day, It doesn't work at all, and this would be a parts/spares unit. I had already drilled the heatsinks for the extra set of output transistors per channel, I don't have the devices any more though. Missing top cover.

Additionally, a pair of 330VA torroids from Avel, 35V + 35V secondaries, dual 115V primaries.

$100 + Ship for the DH200 and $40 + Ship for the trannies


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