determining unlisted parameters

Thanks guys but mcm finally emailed me with the .33 mh le spec.The driver I was inquiring about was the 55-1200 a 4.5"poly paper woofer .Impresive 94 db ef.and check out this response.All for under $10.00usd.


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2001-09-18 2:33 am
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That is impressive. For $10, you can't go wrong.

Somebody should clue MCM in about their website. I was getting catalogs from both Parts Express and MCM years ago, and considered them pretty much equal. Parts Express website kills MCM's website though-heck, you can barely even see pictures of the speakers. All I saw was a listing with order numbers.
Excessive parameters

I have the opposite problem:

I bought these Selenium 15" woofers and am working with them in WinISD but the program wants a parameter: Le

The manufacturer lists:
Le at Fs
Le @ 1 khz
Le @ 20 kz

These are in mH if that helps . So since Win ISD only wants one Le which one do I use?