Designing for corners - Veravox 5S


2005-10-03 12:50 pm
I have recently just bought another pair of Veravox 5S drivers, having had two pairs before in BiB and Bi-Pole cabinets as well as OB.

Veravox 5s by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Veravox 5s by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

I was originally looking to go down the OB route, with an active crossover but been experimenting with placement using the existing enclosure.

I started with more 'normal' placement like traditional speakers:

Veravox 5s by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Then upright in corners:

SDIM0983 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

At ear height in corners:

SDIM0993 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

SDIM0995 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

I will be using the little Eagle amp at the moment, but I am in the process of making a Decware Zen which will be used when its finished.
Its nice to use the Veravox drivers with tube amps, as I never really did when I had the pair(s) before.

I have also just invested in some 3ft Foam Bass Traps for the two corners behind the cabinets.

Overall its sounding not too bad, any advice on designing an enclosure that might suit the corner placement?
Most if not all 'corner' style speakers tend to be horns, and I dont really have the skill or resources to make such a complicated box.
I did look at another BiB cabinet, which may be a good option.

Cheers, Rob