design and measurement of speaker

Hi guys,

A while ago I got a new interest in designing speakers. My first project was a small two way speaker I built for a friend of mine. I documented it on my website

The site describes the measurement of T/S parameters, the change in the parameters while breaking in the woofer, the design and measurements of the box, acoustic measurements, the design and measurment of the cross over and the measurements on the final box.

Dick van Nierop.
Indeed truely excellent!!
Particular I like that You cared so much about break-in of the drivers - many underestimate how much driver parameters of new drivers can change after a break-in.
BTW: how did You measure DC-resistance of the voice coil for calculation of T/S-parameters?
Take care that ordinary multimeters are not very suitable for high accuracy measurements in the low resistance ranges. They can easily introduce 10-20% of error.
I`m always using a Milliohmmeter in 4-wire configuration (Kelvin-sensing) for that purpose.