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Upgraded DEQX PDC 2.6P in extremely good condition.

This unit has a number of high level upgrades done by Larry Owens at KRC / DEQX - properly certified upgrades with paperwork.

- Rev5 Digital Audio Processor.
- HD Factory "HD" Mainboard Upgrade.
- HD Balanced Outputs.
- Upgraded Linear Power Supply
- Standard Calibration Kit with Behringer calibration microphone & microphone cable.
- Digital inputs on AES & S/PDIF
- Analog balanced inputs
- RCA inputs & RCA outputs

A note regrading condition: The actual processor is in extremely good condition. I would rate it at least 8/10. The microphone and cable are also very good. The remote is good, but does show use.

I am looking for about $1800 for this unit, but I will look at a decent offer.
PM if you are interested.



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