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For sale a used DEQX 2.6P. It has holes to mount digital out board which was optional with this unit and stayed with me. It has a rev.6 board as far as I know the same as HDP-3. It has the same remote control, firware and software as well. Comes with manual, remote control and Behringer ECM8000 mic. I dont have an original box but will properly secure the package for shippment. Price 1000 euros plus shippment.

I can partly swap for ATC or Raal drivers plus supplement.


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nobody interested?

This can be used to make great active speakers. I am seeling only becouse I have got an OEM DEQX board and built a DIY unit which runs DIY 2-way speakers with Scan Speak Revelators. It will be used to activate ATC SCM40 with 6-channel Cinepro amplifier soon. I think I am going to achive better results then original ATC SCM50.