Denon DVD2900 where to find spare parts?

My Denon DVD2900 has a damaged slide gear for loading mechanism. I found exact part number in service manual, but google search came up with nothing. Is anyone selling Denon parts in Europe? I already asked Denon Netherlands and looking for other ideas while waiting for an answer. It's the part marked as 11 in the picture. Part number 9KC 1G00 3 (SLIDE-CAM).


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Well, Denon responded that this spare part is no longer available. Fortunately, I managed to fix the first few teeth that were worn out in the meantime. It has metal teeth now:) In case someone hits the same problem, which was: the tray was not opening even with new belt, and was not closing all the way, I will post a photo of a fix. With a light push, it was able to close and it did open with a push towards outside, since first two teeth on sliding gear were broken. IMG_6989.jpg
Another problem surfaced after everything was put together, not sure if it was because I changed the pickup assembly recently - there was a scratching noise as the pickup was approaching last tracks, which became unbearable at the very last track, on a CD that was completely filled. It turned out CD was hitting the laser assembly when pickup was positioned near the edge, away from center. I could not find anything in service manual, but it obviously needed some adjustment in height. I noticed that there are two black dots at the end of both rails, which turned out to be tiny hex screws. That was exactly I was looking for :) Few turns clockwise pushed the rails down a bit and everything now runs silently on all tracks:)