denon dvd-3910 service manual ?

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my denon dvd-3910 audio circuit diy

It's my project rebuild
The DENON DVD 3910
First stage
reconstruction of the digital to analog audio circuit -Finish :)

Step Two
Reconstruction of the PSU

Step three
MASTER CLOCK replacement

I hope it will help people who have the 3910
everything in the internet does not guide step by step exactly!!
All companies just trying to sell a device that has been mod
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Where do you see in the circuit ?
its begin ic 301 an and ic 310


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Are you sure I know all the circuit from 301 to 310 only addresses stereo
There are still 8 other opamps in defrent circuit

The main system unit also contains the audio circuitry for the centre, subwoofer and surround channels, based on two Texas Instruments/Burr Brown PCM1796 chips (each chip operating in stereo or dual channel mode), eight 2068D op amp chips plus an assortment of fairly high quality capacitors. I also noticed two oscillators, operating at 24.576MHz and 18.75MHz.

On top of this board, completely enclosed by metal shielding to protect the audio circuits, is a separate board for the FireWire interface. The design is based on a Bridgeco L5A9625 processor and is separately clocked using 22.579MHz and 24.576MHz oscillators.

The third board stacked topmost is a dedicated board for the audio front left/right channels. Here we find another two PCM1796 plus no less than ten 2068D op amps and accompanying capacitors. The Denon literature implies that one PCM1796 is used for the dedicated stereo left/right outputs (containing a downmixed signal for multi-channel sources) and the other is used for the front left/right channels forming part of the analogue 5.1 outputs.
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the circuit for rear channels und canter
diagram 7 on the service manual
2 burr brawn 1796( IC221-IC222) and 8 op amps 2068d
IC223 IC224 IC227 IC228
IC225 IC226 IC229 IC230


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