DENON DCD815 needs help

Dear Everyone,
I have an old cd machines DCD815 from DENON its very good especially its the only machine I have until in this week my CDP refuses to read some CD I usually listen to. I have no service manual and I do not enough knowledge about CD service procedure, I really apreciate any sugestion to made my CDP play again.


2007-10-02 9:57 pm


2011-08-06 12:37 pm
I also have nearly the same but mine is Denon DCD-815G which is the color is champagne gold.
I just bough the NOS optics and soon replace the old KSS-240A optics, with the original one. now the CD player performance is like brand new.

what a surprised that your player has a different type of optics. I just curious with your CD player PCB main board & CD player mechanism. you can send the photos to my email: [email protected]

I'm not sure but I hope KSS240a can replace your optics

What about replace all drive mechanism unit is that posible ? I mean other than KSS213 type