Denon AVR1906 Repair

I picked up a Denon AVR1906 today, and it's suffering from the old flashing red Standby problem. I've opened it up and checked all the voltage regulators (7805, 7815, 7915, etc) and they all seem to be okay apart from the 7815 which is reading 14.8V (I'm guessing that's still within tolerances...)

However, on the main PCB there were a few blown components in the S/L channel; capacitor C182, and the Zener diodes on the underside of the board which had literally melted off. I've removed said components, but the unit still refuses to come out of protect.

Now, I'm planning on using this primarily as a stereo amp, possibly with rears at a later date... I've got no real use for the surround channels, so is there any chance of getting the unit working again WITHOUT repairing that channel? The two little diodes are surface-mount, so if I can get it going without having to replace them, that'd be perfect really.

EDIT: C182 and the associated R184 were both faulty, as it turns out, but appear not to be part of the S/L channel (despite being right next to their connector) but instead appear to be connected between the FL power transistor and -B (unsure what this is) connector.
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