Denon 2900 OpAmp replacement

For those that have done it, is replacing the OpAmps in the Denon 2900 a matter of pulling the old ones out and snapping the new ones in or is there soldering required? Since I have never modded anything, I figured that anything that I can do to improve the sonics on the 2900 that didnt require soldering would be the best place to start. If the OpAmps do require soldering, are there any other easy mods that a newbie like myself can do on the 2900 without getting in trouble by messing something up?
For almost all electrical modifications soldering is going to be involved. The only things you're going to be able to do without picking up a soldering iron is things like damping.

You've also picked a particularly bad unit to start with if you're keen to try soldering. The DVD2900 uses double sided, through hole plated boards with surface mount components. It will be hard to work on, and you will risk causing damage.

You're better of leaving the DVD2900 as it is for the moment, and practicing on an older, cheaper player first. I'd suggest a single CD player from the late '80s to mid '90s. If you post up the names or links to the second hand CD players you're considering, I can tell you if they'll be easy to work on or not.