Delta 1010LT Word Clock


2008-04-07 12:30 pm
Hey, was wondering if anyone could give me some help on some problems with word clock. I'm using Labview 8.2 to send a 96 kHz digital pulse stream from a DIO card, acting as a word clock signal to my Delta 1010LT word clock input, as well as a 20 kHz sine wave generated with Labview function and interfaced through DirectX 10. When the DIO 96 kHZ is on, I get the expected 20 kHz signal coming out of the appropriate channel. When the DIO is off and Labview is still sending audio data to the soundcard, I get a low frequency signal from my audio output, (298 Hz). This frequency changes with the frequency of the sine wave signal, and is 1/67 franction of the audio output frequency. Is this an inherent problem with the word clock format?

Any help or suggestions would be welcome. Cheers