Delays in DEQX III

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Dear friends!
The DEQX III we do not get to set the delay.
Exhibited only fixed pitch in 1.3ms
We have less than 10 times.

Please help set up?

Thank you.



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I'm not sure what you are asking. But I'll give an example of a two way speaker, plus sub.

If the tweeter and bass for the two way main speaker (mid and bass) is measured and crossovers selected, the DEQX automatically time aligns the tweeter and bass. They are then treated as a single unit. Let's say you want the main speakers out away from the back wall, and a sub (or subs) against the back wall. Let's say the subs are 1.1meters farther from listening position than the main speakers. In order to time align them with the main speakers, you would delay the main speakers by clicking on the Time/Level tab for the mains and entering 1.1M. If the sub(s) are closer than the mains you would delay the sub by an appropriate amount.

In the case of two subs being farther away but different distances, you cannot adjust exact time for both. That would mean different delays for each main, which would upset your stereo imaging. If the subs are closer than the mains, you can delay each independently.

In the case of the mains being different distances from the listening position, you could delay the closest to time align it with the other main. This is not a common set-up but could be done. You can also adjust the level of each until you get the best imaging.

I'm not sure this addresses you question. If you can be specific about what you are trying to do, I can give a more specific answer.

We do not understand each other!
You will probably go to the automatic mode. They all put themselves delay. So write about the delay of subwoofers, and not about the delay bands in a single column.
In our country, one speaker in 3 bands. Each band has its own amplifier (3 separate amplifier) and I can not put the delay in one column of bands to each other. We reduce by hand, not in the machine and all you need to configure manually - crossover bands of the volume, delay and so on.

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Thank you.
If I understand you correctly, you have three drivers - tweeter, mid, bass. You would like to time align them manually. There is no way that I can see to time align three drivers independently.

With "single amp with optional stereo subwoofer" you can manually align the two. Note: that with this option, the lower driver doesn't have to be a sub, it could be a combination of tweeter and mid bass, etc..

With "biamp plus stereo sub" you can manually align the upper two with the sub (again, doesn't have actually be a sub).

That's it. If you want to time align all three, you have to do the upper two automatically, then manually do the bottom driver.

Hi guys! Automatically aligning of speakers with DEQX is bad way to beutiful sound. We need only manual metod (just crossover filter) for it. But we can't set delays we need. Why? It is really stupid. By the way we have this feature on interface, but step of 1.3ms is too much even to horn speakers.
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