Definitive Technology upgrade


2007-09-30 4:19 pm

So I just upgraded my car stereo with AMT tweeters and now my Definitive Technology BP7002 CLR3000 and BPVX sound like crap in comparison. Does anyone know the specs on the stock tweeter? Crossover, slope, ohms, wattage? Anything would be appreciated. Trying to keep this cost effective since I am happy with the output and linearity, just the highs are not crisp and transparent as my AMTs. Thanks


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Measure, measure, measure! :) I have AMT's in my current monitors and they are wonderful, but to make a mod like that well you'll need to measure what you have, physically, electrically and acoustically. Then everything happens very fast.

One alternative of course is to just disconnect your current tweeters what you have and add an outboard AMT, maybe even a dipole. :) For cheap, Parts Express, for expensive, Madisound. Lots of the Dayton and Mundorf AMT's come in both versions.

Here's my favorite measurement kit: OmniMic + DATS V 2 but many here rely just on free tools like Room EQ Wizard.
I will warn you though, just like grief, you'll go through a few stages:

1 - Denial. You'll keep trying to make your current speakers just better.
2 - Bargaining. You'll attempt to find a cheap time/effort solution in terms of time and effort. You'll try to avoid learning about speaker design and crossovers.
3 - Testing. You'll start measuring your speakers and learning about good speakers and drivers and.
4 - Acceptance. You'll decide you'd rather build your own speakers from scratch than pay megabucks for commercial speakers that you'll never like as much.

We're here for you buddy, we've all been there.