Def Tech Supercube 3 amp replacement - ICEpower Module


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
Hey all,

I have now repaired the amp on my Def Tech Supercube III four times - there appears to be a problem in preamp section and replacement preamp is around $185. I believe the separate 1000 watt (really?) amp module to be OK.

I am thinking of ripping both units out and just dropping a ICEpower 200ASC unit in wired direct to the rca input.

My thinking is i really dont mess with phase, volume, crossover frequency, and and think wired direct should be ok, as HT receiver has a Subwoofer out that I can use to control the signal level to the module. As a sub, issues with impedance matching - HF rolloff, etc is not an issue...

Bad idea? Need that attenuation pot before the amp? Could it have a full power thump on startup / shutdown?

Also concerned about amp module in enclosed sub causing fire? I would be using the signal sense for standby mode...

Anyone done this?