Decware OB: is this possible?

Deckert is using a little OB augmented by a resonant chamber that he claims make the bass flat to 52hz. Check out Part II of his article (which includes his measurements) here:
Click on 'Articles', then 'Open Baffle Speaker.' I can't seem to link directly to it.

If it works, it seems like the best of all worlds. However, I can't imagine that you get enough gain in the bass. I don't think this has been posted before (a quick search didn't find anything). I recall JohninCR posting some similar ideas. Thoughts?



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2005-11-24 4:10 am
Looks a lot like JohninCR's Joint chiefs:


In this thread, John wrote:

I took my idea from Steve Deckert's Sub Only Jensen Imperial, whick also has an open air throat loaded via some type of helmholtz resonation.

Looks like some cross-pollenation and parallel development going on.

JohninCR seems to ohave disappeared from the boards these days. Anyone know where he went?