December 2019, best sounding class D amp at the moment - Class of 100W @ 8 Ohm

Hello friends,
I just discovered the world of D class power amps... and now have to read the thousands of pages about the different chips...

So now, i disclosed to directly ask for some advice...

Matter: I guess I need more headroom for my already sensitive (91dB) JBLs,
at the moment powered by a small Marantz 2235 (that would serve as a preamplifier in the new configuration)...

So I am looking for a good (best? :D ) and possibly cheap sounding D class amp in the range of at least 100W at 8 Ohm,
scope is mainly classical and rock, as vocal jazz.

Preferably an assembled amp, or some hints where to get a suitable case an power supply ?

What I don't like is a loud fan, they can really dig a hole in my ears like a warhammer...

Opinions suggestions advices welcome !

Thanks, Mike
I'm brand new here, so take my advice with a small grain of salt :grin:

For an inexpensive amp that meets your criteria I would go with the TPA3255 and an external 48v power supply. For example, this amp and PS combo sound great (to me) driving my vintage 8 ohm Energy 22 Reference speakers.

AIYIMA TPA3255 Power Amplifier 300Wx2 Class D Stereo Audio Amp HiFi 2.0 Digital Amplifier For Speaker Home Sound Theater DIY on AliExpress
DC48v 7.3a 350w Power Board Amplifiers Switching Power Adapter Sta516 Tas5630 Tpa3255 High power Digital Audio Amplifier Board-in AC/DC Adapters from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

The chip is rated at 150w/channel, R8, 1% THD+N:

I also put an inline EMI filter for the amp:

AIYIMA 2000W EMI Power Filter Module AC110V 265V High Efficiency DC Power Supply Filter DIY Audio Sound Home Amplifiers on AliExpress

I've been looking at the IcePower 125asx in a BTL config, which is rated at 200w continuous into 8ohms. However, two of these boards and case will get you closer to $400USD:

The ASX Series - forever young

i use this with linear power supply. Perfect combi with mine Dynaudio audience 122 speakers. Before i used a lot of Hypex class d amps.(UCD en Ncore). The amp above is the best value for money. There is a hole thread about this amp here on diyaudio.

What's the 8ohm performance of this amp at <1% THD+N? The spec sheet on the STA516BE states 2 x 200w @10% THD+N running a 56v PS.

Do you have a link to the PS you use?


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