Dear Fellow Professional Audio player, i need help~

Dear fellow professional Audio players,

I am totally beginner and got no clue at all but i would like to build a outdoor solar powered speaker.
this system is to help me repel monkey in my coconut farm.
A speaker system function :
1. solar powered
2. 4 direction low watt speakers (i got no idea which type of speaker to choose) - is there any weather proof speaker?
3. sd card enabled board/amplifier i believe, so i can store fireworks sounds/ snake hissing sounds/ some other loud sounds which are repeated
4. this system will have a 18650 battery that can last about 24 hours

so i need to know what kind of board/speaker/solar panel watts/ how man 18650 battery do i need to power up this outdoor speaker.

can someone help me on this build?
.. i would like to build a outdoor solar powered speaker.....this system is to help me repel monkey in my coconut farm.

I think monkeys are intelligent enough to find out that the speakers are artificial, since snakes cannot make fireworks' sounds etc. Once they find out that these are harmless, they'd simply dismantle them !!

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For Higher sound Pressure and efficiency
Use PA Paging Horns.

Many Hobbyist are building portable music players.
So pre designed 18650 Battery Management systems
are available

Another possibility is using Solar powered shed
lights as power system.
Actual explosions may be more effective.

Numerous Cannons have used cartridges
similar to .22 or shotgun shells.

But likely for multiple timed explosions
and availability of cannon charges.
Much easier to use propane cannon

Something everyone should own for
business and fun :D

You may have to use proximity sensors to trigger the gunshot / fireworks sounds in order to convince the monkey that the threat is indeed real and living. And just imagine the number of repellant setups and the sound pressure levels needed to cover the entire area of a coconut farm. Even so, they would eventually get accustomed to / learn to circumvent these arrangements, just like the lab rats (that have much smaller brains) manage to do.

In my opinion, only a reptile can be fooled that easily.
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The sound repellent concept might work. I say so because I remember our local zoo had a howler monkey exhibit with 20 or so monkeys. For the most part the monkeys were fairly quiet but several times a day the zoo keeper would stop by with a portable tape recorder and play a recording of monkeys screaming and howling. This was enough to start a massive howling frenzy which went on long after the recording stopped. Not sure what the subject of the recorded howling was but it worked every time, and the monkeys never seemed to get used to it. So with the right sounds maybe they will just stay away as you intend.