Deaf Bonce Outputs

Here's a pic of the board.


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hello everybody

these boards are quite the nightmare to repair if you arent a certified dealer.

@barevides has posted avideo in which he has done valuable reverse engineering on these boards. his breakdown is quite indepth.

here is the link below


i hope this helps all of u

i have downloaded the video and added to my copy of Perrys ART incase one arrives at my bench in the future
I will post the partnumbers.

I have a AAB 11800 defective here, but with replaced both driver IC's and 4 gatedrivers and mosfets, it started up with clipping led on. Railvoltage will come on after about 30 seconds, so check also the duty cycle of the gate of H3 power supply mosfets (just small peaks with the amp I have..). The systemcontroller (PIC 16F1828) is defective or see some wrong inputsignals.
All low voltage power supplies seems te be ok.
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IRFB4321 should work. It's the same board as the Soundigital evo 12k , not very fine amps to work on..

I've already tried it and could not manage to make it work.

Couldn't manage to repair the amp due to too much board damage and not available output mosfets in my region.

Check NSV/Barevids video on SoundDigital amps.

Ground Zero, Alphard and couple more brands, their full bridge amps are all Sound Digital brazilian style amplifiers, just different heatsinks and decals. All of them are made by Sound Digital and their customer support is - "please send the unit to our certified repair center" and "we can't provide that information"....

Hope that helps.