Dead Mosconi DSP6to8


2009-01-07 12:23 am
Arg. I let someone use my car and now I have no DSP.

Anyone know the value of the SMD cap that is coming from the 12v + line?


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This type of burn appears to be caused by the polarity reversal of the DSP power cables (12v).
When these errors occur, a diode placed in parallel with the power supply with the cathode on the positive, makes the voltage go back (on the fuse), burning the fuse, but if this fuse is not present, what burns first is a thin line power supply, like the one in the picture.
If I were you, I would remove the capacitor you indicated and the diode next to it, clean the area with alcohol and make sure the integrity of the lines, both above and below the board, then mount a new diode and a new one condenser (2.2nF 50v).
Sometimes, even the round inductor at the side of the capacitor can be damaged, but it rarely happens.


2009-01-07 12:23 am
Could a loose ground also do this? My brother said all he did was reinstall my main fuse and that is what happened? Regardless, its over with, but I will look for a replacement cap locally and do as recommended. I also did have a fuse but I'm guessing its too high of a rating. I have a 10a standard blade fuse on the primary wire to the MosconI DSP.