DE250 and Horn combo tested here


2006-04-04 11:24 am
I have tested a no of horns with the B&C DE250 compression driver. Those I have tested are:

1. B&C ME10, norminal x-over at 2.5Khz, and cannot use below 1.7Khz, recommended above 2Khz.

2. PE, 10" circular horn, min x-over at, not recommended.

3. RCF, H100 x-over as low as 1.5Khz. recommended

the last one, RCF H100 is by far the best, at $28 each at Loudspeaker plus. sounds good without equalizer required, fluctuate +/- 8db between 1kHz and 18Khz.

The combo costs about $130, a good deal and sounds very good, open and dynamic and smooth.



Paid Member
2006-08-27 11:02 am
No testing yet. Probably won't be for a couple months. I'd like to use Dr. Geddes waveguides so it may wait until then. The project these are for also need a woofer, so I have an AE IB15 coming and I'm still deciding if I should also pick up the B&C 15NW76.

As for the printscreen not working what exactly isn't working about it? I don't think you should need to turn anything on on the keyboard like function lock, etc.