DD Z1a, a thing of beauty

i've had this a couple of years and unfortunatly i've never had it in a vehicle, i know its shamefull!

i am contemplating selling it but i poped it open for a look today and this thing is epic :eek: i might mount it on the wall instead :D

if i can find something strong enough to hold it there;)


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im not even 100% sure on the power output, from memory .5 ohm stable and a rock solid power supply of at least 14v, something like 5kw mabe a tad over

on 12v is 4.5k and if i recall they can be run on 16v for extreme spl cars but require a small modification, and suposedly they do over 6k

i never got a chance to do any proper testing in my extreme car, oh well maby next time :)