DD M4 blown output section

Hi guys on the bench today i have a DD M4
Came in with a blown output section

All fets are blown. I've since removed all output fets. Amp now powers up with no protect. HOWEVER... I'm not getting any drive on the gates (still no fets fitted) (24N40F)

Had a look at driver card and DD have shaved the part numbers off the drivers.

Does anyone know what output drivers these amps use? Also. Are there buffers used in these amps? All part numbers on the driver card have been shaved

Thanks 🙂🙂
IRS21844S The IR21844S will also work. The buffers are generally obvious. Do you read approximately 0 ohms between the output of the driver IC and the gate resistors?

What's the DC voltage on pin 2 of the driver ICs? Voltage referenced to the negative rail.

They are likely blown but you should make sure that they're enabled.