DCX2496 USB Input

I'm currently using a M2Tech USB interface to my DCX using BNC connections.

Because I have not upgraded the input chip of the DCX (a CS8420) and instead of investing in a CS8416 module, I thought of using this item below:

Native 24bit 96k USB to Spdif I2S Converter Module DAC - eBay (item 290496891548 end time Dec-05-10 20:14:09 PST)

It would simplify a lot of digital conversion process which is a good thing as I'm able to bypass SPDIF completely - although the thing that I lost will be a 24/192 capability which the M2Tech is able to perform if I used a CS8416.

My question is, when I completely remove the CS8420, which are the I2S pins that I hook up this new USB module to ? I've attached my guess. Pls feedback.

CS8420 I2S replacement.JPG