DCX2496 connectivity problems

Anything special I need to know to get this to work? I just unwrapped a v1.14 unit and downloaded the 1.16a software from Behringer's website. The software is cake to work with, but I can't get my RS-232 connection to work. Yes, the port is set to RS-232 on the DCX2496. I am using a DB9 male-female cable, and I even tried with a null modem. The log gives me this tremendously helpful info:

Searching for DCX2496.
Comm Error: command error 0 0 2 AA 1
Check connection.
Connected to Virtual

The comm error string varies according to setting changes. I have COM1 set for 115200bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, flow control off.

Any takers?