DCX 2496 question laymans terms (aka ignorant mans terms)


2004-08-27 2:51 pm
I own a behringer DCX2496 which I use to crossover my three way diy line array. I understand that in order to reduce the noise floor (very slight hiss) I need to feed the DCX2496 a "hotter signal" I am currently using off the shelf rca to xlr cables run from a marrantz pre/pro. Is there any simple solutions to this problem. The speakers sound amazing but on very soft passages I can detect the noise.
I have read many of the threads concerning the DCX2496 but must confess my ignorance. I am unsure if I need some sort of six channel volume control if I find a way to beef up the signal. How do I get a "hotter signal" in the first place.

I apologize for my ignorance but if someone could point me in the right direction or even suggest an "off the shelf" fix I would very gratefull.
Having the dcx in my chain for over a year now, I can say that my unit produces only silence with no signal coming in. This unit is dead quiet.
On the other hand - I feed digital signals to the unit only, supplied from a src 2496 at the whatever level this unit puts out to just trigger the red led at max input level on the dcx indicators..

I assume the hiss is being fed from the preamp. I had a marchand crossover before that, that one produced some low level noise.

I think the best way to feed it is digital direct from the digital source or with only as much attenuation by the preamp to reach the max level on the input indicator of the dcx at the loudest passages.

This requires running the output signal of the dcx through a multi gang pot, depeding what configurayion for attenuation you choose, the amount of frequency bands and the mode - balanced or unbalanced.