DC speaker protection for stereo LM3886


2009-04-09 5:27 pm
I'm looking for a simple dc protection circuit for a stereo LM3886 amp, I don't care if the amp or protection circuit survives as long as the speakers do. No suggestions for chinese garbage off of ebay please, I want to build it with legitimate parts from Mouser.
i used an old hitachi HA12001 chip that was originally used in a sansui g-7500. wired according to the spec, on a protoboard, it works as it should. used two T/E RT relays with coils in parallel, a 48V supply(LM317T adj reg) for simplicity, derived off the main o/p supply. used the transformer 7.5Vac lamp supply for the ac fail/presence detector.
many more options as others have stated. if you want all discrete look at some old pioneer designs, such a SX-x50 series recievers
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