dc motor controller ??

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I realized some time ago and variation circuit speed control for my TT.
I found on the "net" a very simple patterns that I copied and gives me the following functions:
switching 33/45 rpm with a speed independent adjustment by a multiturn potentiometer.
a start delay of 2 sec full power to start the tray.
My speed is stable, this is due to the high inertia of the plate.
As against this patterns has many "bugs" and is not reliable (the deck is currently down): Désolé:
I seek a "kit" that can perform this function or diagrams with artwork in order to achieve this Controller ...
I saw the achievements of "Mark Kelly", but apparently specific Maxon motor (my motor is a 12 volt DC PREMOTEC 7 watts, the same as the Verdier turntables)
I also saw several modules on Ebay adjustable speed drive that fonctionnet in PWM mode at an attractive price, buy two for each speed run after switching peut'il provide a qualitative solution?
this kind of thing: eBay | 5V-30V 5A Reversible DC Motor Speed Control PWM Controller ideal for 6V/12V/24V
I hope to benefit from your experiences to find a solution to my problem.
best regards Marc
(excuse me for my bad English: Google translation ....)
(this topic has been discussed several times, I research so your experience and accomplishments ..)
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Hello, I just watched some fifty pages of the analog section ..: D
and I think the circuit of controlle "Mark Kelly" might be more appropriate?
I have a motor PREMOTEC ref: 9904 120 16 141 we talk about the:

it is very difficult to optenir data sheet for this engine in PREMOTEC (special series ...) I know 12vdc/7watts and would correspond to 16703 in the next file ..
http://premotec.home.xs4all.nl/pdf/coreless/CL40-7 Watt.pdf

my question is this engine is + / - Customized feature of the controller?
If yes, or is it possible to procure this "typon" or pcb of this circuit, and the list of components?
Thank you for your answers
hello, I Thank You for your suggestions, my electronics studies dating back almost thirty years and I prefer a circuit opportunity to refresh validated because my memories are now default ....
make a PCB , weld :is not a problem, ..... but create anything and is more difficult now for me ...
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